Patient Testimonials


Our patient testimonials illustrate our patient centered approach which is so valued by our families.

Our patient base represents not only recent families but families who have stayed in touch with us over the years.

Rudolph Boys

The Rudolph Family

HCR helped us conceive our 2 miracle boys...the entire staff showed us so much kindness and love. We felt like a part of their family. Years later, I am still so thankful that we landed under their care - I couldn't have imagined going through infertility without their support and care!



The Toenjes Family

I'm thankful for Dr. Hickey and his team for getting to the bottom of my infertility. As he predicted, I didn't need intervention, just time. And soon we will be a family of 5!!

Toenjes Family

Hadzhiivanova Family

The Hadzhiivanova Family

After 7 years we finally have met you....Dr. Hickey and his amazing team. You gave us all the hope, love and support we needed at that moment. Now we have our beautiful daughter that fills our days with laughter and happiness. Miracles happen, you just have to believe and don't give up. We love you so much.



The Houdek Family

Lucille Josephine Houdek, "Luci", arrived on 12/24/16 but wasn't due until 1/13/17.  I guess she wanted to see Santa! She joins her big sister Lillian. We couldn't conceive on our own but with the help of Dr. Hickey and staff we have been blessed with 2 beautiful girls! Thank you again for your dedication to families like ours.  Lillian born 6/30/12 and Lucille born 12/24/16 both with the help of HCR.

Houdek Family
Mcdonough Child

The Mcdonough Family

So blessed and grateful for our beautiful son. We would not have this little miracle without the love, kindness, knowledge, encouragement, and support of Dr. Hickey and ALL of the staff!!



The Tran Family

HCR helped us restore hope and gave us encouragement on our long and difficult journey to having children. Our original specialist was impersonal and pushed us into procedures that would benefit them and seemed to have total disregard for our well being. Dr Hickey and staff was a breath of fresh air. 

Tran Family

The Chambers Family

Chambers Family

Thanks to our real life superheroes at HCR we are the proud parents of four amazing children.  Although I wish we had known about HCR at the start of our infertility journey, I'm not sure if we'd appreciate and love them just as much as we do if we didn't have our experiences from the first two fertility centers to compare to.  At HCR we were more than just dollar signs and medical record numbers.  They gave me the personal attention and individualized care that I needed to feel confident that my well being would be a priority.  HCR was very empathetic regarding a frightening experience I had at the previous center, where that center's one size fits all treatment plan put my life in jeopardy.  The team at HCR always took into account my personal history when reviewing my lab results and making decisions regarding the best course of treatment for me to ensure that what happened at the previous center wouldn't happen again.  Not only did HCR succeed in that, but they did what one of Chicago's top university hospital program couldn't do - they gave us four beautiful miracles!   



HCR is a friendly, kind, warm, caring, compassionate team who take the time and make the effort to get to know you.  In fact, HCR feels so much like family that both times they helped me get pregnant I couldn't bear to say goodbye to them, and so I visited them after every ob appointment.  They even came to visit us in the hospital and snuggle all our babies after they were born.  We've stayed in touch over the years, and when they learned our family was going through some serious health issues (unrelated to our fertility struggles), they reached out to help support us.  Thank you, HCR!  We love you and are forever grateful for making us parents to the four most amazing miracles!