Most Popular Baby Names 2019

When you find out that you are pregnant with your little one, the lists of names gets started right away. Are you going to go with a traditional family name? Are you going to go trendy and popular with your little ones name? The lists each year of Top Baby Names contain some new names that you may not have heard yet and some oldies that are making a comeback, but rarely do you see two, refreshingly distinct names like Posie for a girl, and Milo for a boy, take the No. 1, spot on a list of top baby names. Let’s check out what names are on the list so far for 2019!

Nameberry's top baby names

For Girls’ names, Posie replaces Olivia for #1.

  1. Posie

  2. Isla

  3. Olivia

  4. Aurora

  5. Maeve

  6. Cora

  7. Amara

  8. Ada

  9. Amelia

  10. Charlotte

For Boys’ names, Milo replaces Atticus.

  1. Milo

  2. Jasper

  3. Atticus

  4. Theodore

  5. Asher

  6. Silas

  7.  Jack

  8. Finn

  9. Henry

  10. Felix top baby names


  1. Emma

  2. Ava

  3. Olivia

  4. Isabella

  5. Amelia

  6. Mia

  7. Evelyn

  8. Charlotte

  9. Sophia

  10. Harper


  1. Liam

  2. Noah

  3. Logan

  4. James

  5. Oliver

  6. Elijah

  7. Benjamin

  8. William

  9. Lucas

  10. Mason

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