6 Getting Pregnant Stories to Read If You’re Having Trouble Conceiving

No matter how many TTC tricks you know and practice, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to how long it takes to get pregnant. Relax. Be patient. It can take a while. Parents.com found six women willing to share their stories of how they stayed positive when their tests were not.

The Fosters

Got Pregnant In: 2 years

Their Story: After getting married in 2001, Ashley and James began trying to conceive. "When we first started trying, I was obsessive and bought many pregnancy tests even if I knew my period was coming," says Ashley. "We probably spent hundreds of dollars on tests. We viewed making love as work, and it took the pleasure and enjoyment out of it." Eventually they went to a specialist and discovered that James had a low sperm count, so the couple faced the possibility that they may never have children. "I was at the point that I didn't even want to get out of bed some days. I was so depressed," she says.

The Positive: Ashley had a moment of clarity. "I just kept telling myself that when the time was right we would get pregnant," she says. "It's hard, and you often think that there's something wrong with you, and there really wasn't." Much to the couple's surprise, they got pregnant a few months after resigning themselves to the idea of being childless. Daughter Natalie was born in September 2003. They recently received another surprise: twins due in August, conceived without the couple even trying.

The Browns

Got Pregnant In: 10 months

Their Story: Amy and Lucas planned on getting pregnant within three months of going off birth control. "Every month, around testing time, I would either start my period or get in a hurry and take a pregnancy test before I started. Each month was more discouraging than the last," Amy says. "I remember estimating what my due date would be every time. I tracked my ovulation and temperature on an app I had on my phone."

The Positive: After six months, Amy's ob-gyn started her on the fertility drug Clomid. The Browns decided they deserved a vacation and booked a cruise four months out to celebrate their first anniversary. Amy began her fourth round of Clomid (with an increased dosage) the month of the cruise. Amy had been tired before the cruise, but she and Lucas enjoyed their time and, once home, she took a pregnancy test. She was pregnant! "The challenge of waiting and being patient tested the strength of our marriage, and it made us closer and more grateful for each other and the gift of life," she says. Baby Boy Brown is due July 2011. Looking back, Amy says, it's no wonder she wanted jalapenos on everything she ate on the trip.

The Petersens

Got Pregnant In: 17 months

Their Story: Six months into trying, Jen discovered she wasn't ovulating. Her doctor prescribed Clomid but she went six more months without ovulating, and then saw a fertility specialist. Several tests and pills later, still no ovulation. "It was so disheartening and frustrating, and although I tried not to blame myself, it was tough not to feel somewhat responsible that my body wouldn't cooperate," she says. Jen and her husband, Marty, took turns being strong for each other. "I made the decision to let myself cry and to be angry and sad the day of and the day after getting one of my many negative pregnancy results. On the third day, I forced myself to once again start thinking positive and regain all the hope I could muster up," says Jen.

The Positive: Seventeen months into the process, Jen ovulated. "It was Mother's Day morning when I got the blessed smiley face on my ovulation test," she says. "I cried! I was so excited that for the very first time we at least had a chance to get pregnant." Later that month she saw something else she'd been waiting for: a plus sign on the pregnancy test. Marty and Jen welcomed their daughter, Rya, to the family in January 2011. "Weird as it sounds, we are grateful for the trial and hardship we went through trying to get her here," says Jen. "It makes us appreciate even more what an amazing miracle it is to have her with us now."

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