Celebrities Who Are Open About Their Infertility

People who are faced with infertility can feel sometimes feel embarrassed or isolated, but with up to one in 6 couples in the U.S. experiencing troubles getting pregnant, it is more common than we might think. When celebrities come forward about their own experiences with infertility (including in vitro fertilization) it helps to make a sometimes stigmatizing subject less mysterious to everyone. Many people have no idea about what getting pregnant entails when battling infertility. Some don’t know about the shots that are required let alone the bruising and raging hormones that come from the from shots. Others have misguided preconceived notions or misinformation about what it takes to get pregnant so the more education that can be offered to the public, the better for everyone.

Chrissy Teigen for example, was open about her IVF from the beginning. Once she announced that her and husband John Legend had chosen to have a girl, she was met with criticism. Chrissy took the high road and took to Twitter saying that misunderstanding about the IVF process may have mistakenly led people to believe that the couple had done IVF specifically to have a girl or that by choosing a female embryo meant discarding male embryos when in fact, that’s far from the truth. Teigen also made light of the controversy joking that she had also picked the embryo with “a taste for bacon, a knack for magic and size 7 feet so she can always find shoes."

Courtney Cox had several miscarriages before doctors found out that a rare antibody in her blood prevented pregnancies from reaching full term. She tried IVF twice before successfully conceiving her daughter, and was frank about how difficult it was to continue filming a comedic TV show while suffering repeated pregnancy losses.

Kim and Chloe Kardashian, Brooke Shields, Emma Thompson and Celine Dion are other famous people who have made their stories public. Hopefully their public information will promote less judgement and more celebration about anyone who is using IVF to create the families they have always wanted.

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Michael Hickey