16 Tips to Prepare for IVF

Risa Kerslake began blogging back in 2012 about the hilarious, and at times, painful, path infertility has taken her down. Undergoing three IUIs, three IVFs, and two donor egg cycles, her daughter was born after six years of struggling to conceive. In her article 16 Tips to Prepare for IVF she provides you with the tips, tricks and ways she organized herself throughout her cycles to share with you.

Things like finding someone who is going through IVF at the same time as you (a cycle buddy) and preparing for setbacks are just two of the tips covered in the article.

Kerslake says “And let's be honest, can you really be fully prepared for it? Likely not! But hopefully, it will help make the road a little smoother and a lot less confusing.”

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Michael Hickey