The effects of sleep and male fertility.

Research on the effects of sleep and male fertility have produced some interesting findings. Basically, the men in the study who went to bed after midnight and those who got less than six hours of sleep both saw significantly reduced sperm count, lower survival rates, and decreased sperm motility (how well sperm can move).  The researchers believe sleep matters so much for your sperm because they suspect that going to bed super late and not sleeping long enough can cause your body to release anti-sperm antibodies (ASA).

The other interesting findings of this study is that oversleeping is also counterproductive. Men who got over nine hours of sleep also saw a decrease in their overall sperm health. We still need to learn more, right now it seems that getting between 7  - 8 hours each night is the perfect amount. Your sperm health and future family could depend on it.

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Michael Hickeymale