The Hinsdale Center for Reproduction

The Hinsdale Center for Reproduction (HCR) is a private practice located on the campus of AMITA Hinsdale Hospital. Dr. Michael Hickey founded the Center in 1991 and in the past 27 years, HCR has been providing families with advanced fertility care in a personal, warm environment.

Cases once thought to require the expertise of the university hospitals are now safely and confidently handled in the privacy and comfort of our facility. HCR has come to be known for its ability to analyze complex fertility problems and solve them in the most non-invasive manner possible.

Since the Hinsdale Center for Reproduction opened its doors in July of 1991, more than 5000 successful births have occurred. Dr. Hickey begins by making sure the woman’s body is healthy, whole, and ready for pregnancy. He strives to use the least invasive methods first. Dr. Hickey is one of the foremost practitioners of hysteroscopic surgery in the US. Visit our education page to view some of the surgeries.